A collaborative storytelling of community resilience during Covid-19

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – The Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to announce “Spirit of Springfield,” a year-long collaborative community project celebrating the citizens of Springfield, Vt., and sharing our stories of collaboration, support, and resilience during the challenges of the pandemic.

We’ve created a public “kudoboard,” which is a digital bulletin board for collecting people’s input. This space is for everyone – residents, local leaders, students, senior citizens, business professionals, community members, even folks who may live out of town but work in Springfield – anyone connected to our town. Think of it like a time capsule for capturing all the memories, big and small, of what it’s been like living in Springfield during these strange times, and creating a record of all the things we’ve done to survive – and sometimes even thrive. At the end of the project, our aim is to print everyone’s contributions in a book so that we can give copies to the library, the historical society, and have copies available for sale with proceeds going to benefit a good local cause. We encourage you to share your experiences on this page, through photos, videos, and written words.

  Kudoboard guidelines:

  • Shout-outs are encouraged. Help us spread the word about folks who have been doing good things for others.
  • Be creative! Incorporate your photos, videos, poems, etc.
  • Be kind. Be civil. Insulting, bullying, or trolling comments will not be tolerated.
  • No spamming or advertising.

We’re so excited about this project, and we hope you’ll join us in this shared opportunity to commemorate our collective pandemic experience. To access the Spirit of Springfield kudoboard, please visit www.springfieldvt.com/spirit-of-springfield. For more information, call 802-885-2779 or email alice@springfieldvt.com.

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