Aikenhead publishes new collection of Weathersfield stories

WEATHERSFIELD, Vt. – Steve Aikenhead of Weathersfield has recently compiled another collection of local history, “Weathersfield Tales (More!): The Last Collection of the Series.”

The book follows four other collections compiled and published by Aikenhead and Sally Harris, Summer Hill Books. The latest edition comes 12 years after the fourth collection, which was titled “The End.”

The stories collected include selections of the Weathersfield Historical Society Newsletter as well as the Weathersfield Weekly and stories, memories, and accounts from residents of Weathersfield. In his letter to the reader at the beginning of the book, Aikenhead explains that while he’s omitted “a multitude of Weathersfield disasters,” he includes only the most interesting ones that haven’t been included in previous collections, and “Nevertheless, there are plenty of disasters in here, but I think there is enough humor to balance them.”

He also warns that some stories may not be suitable for children.

“Weathersfield Tales” is available for purchase at the Weathersfield Town Hall, 802-674-2626, or Blair Books and More in Chester, 802-875-3400. For more information, contact Steve Aikenhead at 802-263-5439.

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