Tai chi classes to be held in Veterans Memorial Park

LUDLOW, Vt. – Tai chi is a steady, rhythmic series of motions that utilize the entire body. Anyone with the desire to strengthen mind, body, and spirit may enjoy. Many experience increased energy and more peace. It is especially good for people that are not interested in, or ready, for strength training with weights or machines.

Tai chi is not a strenuous martial art. Its roots are based on ancient tai chi and chi gong martial arts; however, it is a mind-body exercise. Slow, gentle, and continuous movements are performed with your body, while focusing on the breath. Many of the movements have poetic names like “Wave Hands in the Clouds,” “Playing the Lute,” and “Push the Mountain.”

A beginner level eight-week session is being offered Mondays, starting July 12. The one-hour classes will take place on the gazebo at Veterans Memorial Park in Ludlow. This 10:30 a.m. class is free and sponsored by the Black River Senior Center for 55 years of age or older.

To sign up for the class, contact the Black River Senior Center, 10 High St., Ludlow, at 802-228-7421. For information regarding private or setting up your own beginner level tai Chi group classes, please text or call Ken Saccardo at 802-228-7664.

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