Praise for Ludlow Ambulance Services coming in many forms

Ludlow Ambulance Services receive grant funding and letters of commendation in recent weeks.
Ludlow Ambulance Services receive grant funding and letters of commendation in recent weeks. Photo provided

LUDLOW, Vt. – The Ludlow Ambulance Service, a career staffed Advanced Life Support ambulance service that services Ludlow, Cavendish, Proctorsville and Plymouth, has received over $80,000 in local and federal grants in recent weeks, as well as having received two letters of commendation for two team members in praise of services going above and beyond.

The $80,000-plus grant total includes over $46,000 through the Local Government Expense Reimbursement Grant, which provides free assistance for expenses incurred by Covid-19 with eligible expenses including hazard pay, overtime compensation, facility alterations, sanitation, and supplies and equipment. Other grants include $22,000 from the state of Vermont through the Health Care Provider Stabilization Grant for Covid-19 related lost revenue due to a decrease in call volume; over $10,000 from Vermont EMS Tuition Voucher Program to cover paramedic school tuition reimbursement for LAS employee Mary Mancino; approximately $1,300 from the PACIF Equipment Grant to fund a new ergonomic backpack style, “First in-Bag set up,” which will reduce the amount of weight that needs to be carried on every call; and additional funds from the Ludlow Rotary grant to purchase powered air-purifying respirators and additional filters.

Retiring paramedic Daniel Stoughton, after six years of service, received a letter of commendation from Ludlow Deputy Chief Stephanie Grover for his efforts in searching for a drowning victim, happening just hours before his scheduled retirement. According to the letter, Stoughton not only swam 40 yards plus, back and forth from shore multiple times in the rescue and recovery operation, but then continued on scene establishing a rapport with the family, providing comfort and assurance, as recovery efforts continued.

“The effort that was put into saving a man in need is one that I will never forget and is a great representation of the excellence in care that Ludlow Ambulance strives to give the community,” Grover stated in her letter.

Ludlow EMT Cameron Harbeson was recognized by Springfield Chief of Police Mark Fountain for his off-duty efforts at the scene of a car accident in Springfield, arriving on-scene before responding Springfield officers. The letter praised Harbeson for rendering first aid to the victim and maintaining a “calm, cool and collected composure” while assessing the injuries of the victim and then staying on scene to assist Springfield Ambulance after they arrived.

“Cameron went above and beyond what is expected from him as a civilian,” Fountain stated in the letter.

Deputy Chief Stephanie Grover said that these commendations show the dedication, skill, and professionalism of her team both on and off duty.

Grover is grateful that this recent spate of positives has her feeling that “things are going really well right now.” She says she appreciates her great group of 13 full- and part-time staffers and all the community support the LAS is seeing at the moment.

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