Plymouth Selectboard discusses budget, Tyson Library, and town offices

At their Oct. 3, 2022 meeting, the Plymouth Selectboard covered a request from Tyson Library and reviewed the annual town budget. Photo provided

PLYMOUTH, Vt. – Monday night’s, Oct. 3 Plymouth Selectboard meeting was brief, covering only a handful of topics. Board Chair Jay Kullman’s first agenda item was the board’s response to a grant request from the Tyson Library, presented at the Sept. 19 meeting by the Ladies Aid for the Library Association. Kullman said the board had reviewed the request for $3,100 in funds for repairs and refurbishment to the library and found it met all requirements. Kullman put the funding approval to motion, and Rick Kaminski seconded the motion.

The board produced two packets, each detailing the annual town budget. The members discussed the overlap in the two proposals, what items were included, and what was omitted. Board member Keith Cappellini mentioned that compensation for health insurance had recently passed, which was not included in the budgets. The board members agreed to review the packets, and Kullman said he would create a shared document combining both budgets, to be viewed and edited by Kaminski and Cappellini. Once they complete the revisions, the document will be shared with the public. No timeframe was decided upon in the meeting.

Kaminski invited those in attendance to a Tuesday, Oct. 4 meeting regarding the new cellphone tower, which would detail its placement, cost, and installation schedule.

Kaminski then gave an update on some recent projects that were wrapping up, including the repair of the roof at the annex building, which would potentially be finished by the weekend of Oct. 8. Also, the boiler at the Town Hall, which stopped working last month, was replaced over the weekend. Kaminski said they planned to incorporate the new boiler into the upgraded system of heat pumps expected in the new year, which will be covered by ARPA funds, and mentioned he’d been speaking with an engineer about the potential for the boiler to be used as a back up. This would be especially useful in case of a power loss, or when temperatures go below freezing. Additional engineering and design work would need to happen for the system to be compatible with the upgrades, and Kaminski asked for approval to move forward on that. The board agreed.

The final item was an update on the additional requested bond proposal. Kaminiski said they plan to meet with an attorney on Oct. 5, who will write up an opinion letter to accompany the application. The letter will state that all procedural requirements were met and that the application is complete. The outcome of this meeting might change the date of the special meeting, which had been set for Oct. 17. In that case, the board assured that the special meeting would be rescheduled for some time before the November election.

The next Plymouth Selectboard meeting will be Monday, Oct. 17 at 6 p.m.

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