Kingfisher will feature specialty Sicilian pizza in Ludlow

Kingfisher serving up Sicilian pizza in Ludlow.
Kingfisher serving up Sicilian pizza in Ludlow. Photo provided

LUDLOW, Vt. – In an odd twist, the current pandemic may be responsible for adding a new multi-chef inspired restaurant on Main Street in Ludlow. Introducing Kingfisher, a wood-fired Sicilian pizza specialty restaurant, now taking over the former Mama’s at 190 Main Street.

Kingfisher is the culmination of four talented chefs coming together, all friends, and all with vast experience in both formal restaurants in the Providence, R.I. area, as well as food truck and catering businesses, who were brainstorming and posed the question, “What’s going to happen to restaurants now?”

Chef Ed Reposa and his wife Sara Kilguss are former owners of Thee Red Fez and more recently have been operating La Pizza Lupo, a traveling wood-fired specialty pizza. They have joined forces with chefs Tim Shulga and Mike Lawyer, who also hailed from high-end restaurants in the Providence area and more recently have operated Kingfisher Catering.

The group is most excited about the location, smack in the center of downtown Ludlow, with Okemo Mountain looming above the town. “Ludlow has so much potential that we’re excited to base our business here,” said Kilguss.

Kingfisher will open solely as a take-out restaurant in the near future though they have the intention to open as a full bar and restaurant “when it makes sense.”

The menu will be based on Sicilian-style pizza, square slices with a denser focaccia dough with each chef using fresh local ingredients to change the menu for their signature pizza or dishes each week. Kilguss expects five dishes in addition to four to five Sicilian specialty pizzas on the menu, available just by takeout for now.

“We’ll have a lot of hands in the menu…that chefs are equals who all have different but cohesive strengths to bring to the restaurant,” she said.

They are hoping to get their approval for a full liquor license soon to serve cocktails, wine, and beer and may also add a few outside tables in the interim as well, although they have not made any concrete decisions on timing yet for outdoor dining. “We want to be cautious about what we promise to people,” she said.

Starting this weekend, Kingfisher will roll out their Sicilian pizzas and other specialties for two days, then next week they will expand to three to four days.

For details on their changing menu, visit their website at

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