GMUHS, CAES, CTES bus routes

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REGION – The following bus routes will take effect for the Green Mountain Union High School, Chester Andover Elementary School, and Cavendish Town Elementary School 2022-23 school year.

Route One: Cavendish Town Elementary. Driver: Bob.

AM: 7:05 East Rd.

7:10 Knapp Pond Rd.

7:25 Pick up along Route 131 to Cavendish Gulf Rd.

7:28 Cavendish Gulf Rd.

7:35 Back out to Route 131 and pickup along Route 131 to CTES.

PM: Bob will bring home the GM students who live in Cavendish. First he will drop off the students of CAES and GM who live past the Stone Village/Trebo road on his way to CTES. From CTES, he will run Route 131 to Route 103, as necessary to Stepping Stones, and Greven Ext. and along Depot Street. Twenty Mile Stream, Johnson Rd., Carleton Rd., Heald Rd., Reading Rd., Brook Rd., Center Rd., Hoey Rd., Corner of Old County Rd., Chambers Rd., lower Tarbell Rd., Route 131, Cavendish Gulf Rd., Brood Rd. and Route 131, Tarbell Hill, Knapp Pond, Tarbell Hill, and East Rd.,


Route Two: Cavendish. Driver: Jerry.

AM: 6:10 Start at Knapp Pond Rd., drive down to pick up at LaPlante Rd.

6:13 Right on Tarbell Hill Rd. and pick up to Greenbush Rd.

6:15 Greenbush Rd. to Stevens Rd. to East Rd. Pick ups along the way.

6:25 Pick up along Brook Rd.

6:30 Back down to Center Rd.

6:38 Pick up at the corner of Davis Rd.

6:45 Right at Williams Store to pick up along Route 131 to CTES.

7:00 Down Depot St. to Greven Rd.

7:03 Up Greven Rd. to Route 103.

7:05 – 7:20 One of two buses that will pick up along Route 103 on the way to GM.

PM: Will bring home students who rode Sue’s bus (Route 5) in the a.m.


Route 4 & 6: Andover and Chester. Driver: Etta.

AM: 6:10 Bottom of Andover Rd. Pick up along Andover Rd. up to Middletown Rd.

6:15 Middletown Rd. and Andover Rd. Turn left and go to the bottom of Middletown Rd.

6:17 Pick up at the bottom of Middletown Rd./Intersection with Route 11. Anyone who lives beyond Middletown Rd. will need to go to Middletown Rd. to get on the bus.

6:20 Howards Hill and Route 11. Pick up along the way to Church St.

6:35 Go up Church St. and pick up at intersection with Meadow Rd.

6:37 Pick up at intersection of Church St. and Marcs Rd.

6:40 Chester Hardware.

6:48 Pleasant Brook Apartments. Pick up along Route 11 on the way to Logan Dr.

6:55 Logan Dr.

7:00 Roach Rd.

7:05 Green Mountain Turnpike.

7:08 Back out to Route 103. Pick up along Route 103 on the way to CAES.

7:15 Drop off at CAES.

7:20 GMUHS.

PM: Same as a.m. route, but in reverse order.


Route 5: Ludlow and Mount Holly. Driver: Sue.

AM: 6:10 MHES.

6:15 Markwell Ln.

6:22 Pond and Andover St.

6:25 Gazebo and Route 103.

6:30 LES.

6:43 South Hill and Route 103. Pick up along Route 103 on the way to Cavendish Gulf Rd.

6:50 Cavendish Gulf Rd.

After Cavendish Gulf Rd., Sue goes down Route 10 to get students who used to ride Ken’s bus. Sue then gets Trebo Rd./Farmstead. Then, she goes to Route 103 and Flamstead, and then Depot St. and the Town Hall, before her pick ups along Route 103 to the GM.


Late bus schedule:

The late bus will be for students who live in Cavendish (dropped at CTES) and Ludlow and Mount Holly (dropped at LES). Pick up GM at 4:15 tentative. Late bus departure times may vary due to weather and traffic.

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