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The Fall Mountain Scholarship Fund has awarded over $3 million in funds to 1,500-plus deserving students over a 52-year span. Photo by Joe Milliken
The Fall Mountain Scholarship Fund has awarded over $3 million in funds to 1,500-plus deserving students over a 52-year span. Photo by Joe Milliken

LANGDON, N.H. – Established in 1969, the Fall Mountain Scholarship Fund is one of the longest-running high school scholarship funds in the region. Serving the Fall Mountain Regional High School district, the organization has grown and adapted through several changes over the years with various affiliations, ultimately awarding over $3 million in funds to 1,500-plus deserving students over a 52-year span.

Originally, the organization operated as a chapter of the Citizens Scholarship Foundation of the Fall Mountain Regional School District, and some area residents may recall students and parents collecting funds door-to-door under the moniker “Dollars for Scholars.” Initially, funds were raised to help build what is now the FMRHS school building in Langdon, N.H., before transitioning into raising funds to help FMRHS students continue their education after graduation.

“It will not be surprising to many in our community that the original driving force in funds came from the always generous and humble, extended Hubbard family,” Garrison Macri, himself a Fall Mountain graduate and now a FMSF board member, said in a recent interview. Garrison’s late father, Greg Macri, was also a key figure in the ongoing efforts and development of the FMSF for many years.

“Oliver and Austin Hubbard established endowment funds, as well as an endowment with the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, that are administered by the FMSF. Every year, several individuals and groups request that the scholarship fund administer scholarships on their behalf.”

The FMSF also recently became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity, now operating under an authorized governing board with the mission to provide important scholarships to those students who are looking to continue their education.

Two important members of the board include Rich Nalevankois and Randy Rhoades. Nalevankois is the board’s longest serving member and Rhoades is a key figure in reviewing, managing, and selecting scholarship recipients. The all-volunteer board continues to expand and the “awards committee” remains a vital aspect of the organization, which works closely with the FMRHS counseling department, including Nate Bisson and former counseling department leader, Lisa Ranauro.

“FMSF is an exceptional contributor to the post-secondary success of our graduates,” Bisson said. “Their efforts create a lasting impact on so many students and we are grateful for all they do.”

The group currently manages awarding the Hubbard funds administered by the New Hampshire Charitable Funds, which are funds raised in part by FMSF. A group of FMRHS alumni are also organizing the school alumni database and will be launching the Fall Mountain Alumni Association in order to promote knowledge, fundraising, internships, mentoring, and networking.

“We need to digitalize our efforts and communications for today’s world,” Macri added. “We want to inspire students of all ages to keep learning and growing through education, and are hoping these efforts may lead to other platforms such as blogs, e-newsletters, educational podcasts, and more. While of course, still holding on to our core values, we need to also adjust with these fast-moving and challenging times.”

The bottom line is that the FMSF wants to inspire those students and graduates of any age, to envision and believe that they can do anything they aspire to, and then go and achieve it! With this vision in the forefront, helping FMRHS students and alumni to access further education will lead to more successful lives and thriving communities.

“We want to remind students and parents that so many special young people have graduated from FMRHS and gone on to make incredible contributions to their communities, both locally and abroad,” Macri concluded. “FMSF can play an important part in helping our communities through advanced education, for it is a key way to help navigate the challenges ahead.”

Scholarship applicants should contact the FMRHS counseling department, and donations can be made to The Fall Mountain Scholarship Fund, Inc ., C/O Fall Mountain Regional High School, 134 FMRHS Road, Langdon, NH 03602.

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