Cavendish Selectboard talks roads and Wi-Fi

CAVENDISH, Vt. – Paving projects and a possible town internet hot spot were the prime topics covered at the Cavendish Selectboard meeting Monday, Oct. 19.

The board awarded Bazin Brothers Trucking from Westminster the paving project for Cavendish Gulf Road and Stone Way for a total of $99,600. The board chose an option for Stone Way that includes “reclaiming the road down to a depth of eight inches” and then paving appropriately. For Cavendish Gulf Road, the plan is to mill the road down an inch and a half and then pave. Those projects will start towards end of this week, with completion anticipated within two weeks.

The condition of Route 131 was discussed, particularly the dug up cross sections that have been left after the ongoing VTrans construction project on that stretch, heading east toward Weathersfield. McNamara aptly labeled the sections “hazards” and said that VTrans had only put gravel in those sections, some of which has been compromised, leaving gaping potholes. After contacting VTrans to address the issue, McNamara confirmed on Tuesday morning that VTrans will be paving those cross sections early next week.

The board expressed disappointment for the way green mesh had been left along the bank along the same construction area on Route 131.

According to VTrans, the mesh will be left as is for now with the expectation that vegetation would grow through it in the spring, presumably to help anchor the hillside. McNamara agreed to reevaluate the area in the spring if the look on that section does not improve.

The board is considering establishing a Wi-Fi hot spot in a to be determined town location, possibly either the Proctorsville Green or the Cavendish Baptist Church. Available parking would be an important consideration for the selected location and the necessary equipment would need to be mounted on the outside of a building near the designated hot spot area. Board Chairman Bob Glidden, who is also the Proctorsville Fire Chief, offered the Proctorsville Fire Station as a location, which sits across from Proctorsville Town Green. McNamara said that local resident and town Wi-Fi champion Margo Caulfield has provided him with possible grant funding opportunities to explore for the project. McNamara agreed to proceed with next steps such as feasibility, funding opportunities, and cost projections.

The long-awaited electric vehicle charging station along the Proctorsville Green on Depot Street is about to move forward with a final site visit happening this week with HB Energy, the town road crew, and the town manager. The town will prepare 10-by-10-foot pad that the unit will sit on. Installation will be coordinated with HB Energy and Ludlow Electric and the work is expected to start next week.

Tax collection for the town has continued to be positive with McNamara saying that the town wasn’t seeing a huge change from past years despite the anticipated financial impacts from the coronavirus pandemic.

Local resident Doug McBride has been approved to join the Cavendish Planning Commission.

The next Cavendish Selectboard meeting is scheduled for Monday, Nov. 9 at 6:30 p.m. via Zoom.

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