LTE: William Freeman on Clarkson, McCormack, and White

Dear Editor,


Three talents as a team for Vermont State Senate.

There are three Democratic candidates for Vermont State Senate who are running as a team to represent the Windsor District. They are: Sen. Alison Clarkson from Woodstock; Sen. Dick McCormack from Bethel; and Rep. Becca White from Hartford (she is the new candidate for Vermont Senate following Alice Nitka’s retirement).

I have met each of them and have found them to be knowledgeable and competent regarding state government. Each of them has demonstrated the ability to be highly engaged in listening to the issues and needs of Vermonters in their district and being responsive. We are indeed fortunate to have this team of candidates for our state senators.

Over the years, I have had direct contact by email and phone conversations with both Alison Clarkson and Dick McCormack. They have listened carefully and always followed up, responding regarding matters of concern that others and myself have raised. They have advocated for the issues facing those of us in the Mountain Towns and in other areas of the Windsor District. Both Alison and Dick currently hold senior-level posts with Alison as Majority Leader and Vice-Chair of Senate Economic Development, Housing, and General Affairs and Dick as Vice-Chair of the Senate Committee on Institutions. Both know the ins-and-outs of the legislative process and are invaluable to us as constituents.

Becca White has been a Representative from Hartford and now seeks her first term as a state senator. In a recent “meet and greet” gathering in Weston, when all three of these candidates presented, listened, and responded, it was clear that, in addition to Alison and Dick, Becca is certainly versed with the issues facing those of us in the Windsor District. Given her life experience, she brings a fresh and new approach to representing Vermonters. I was certainly impressed by her ability to listen, engage, and respond in the moment to the issues raised by those at this gathering in Weston.

As a team of candidates for Vermont State Senate, Sen. Alison Clarkson, Sen. Dick McCormack, and Rep. Becca White bring experience, competence, wisdom, historical perspective, and a keen understanding of our needs in the Windsor District. Please join me in voting for them as I firmly believe that they will well represent us in the Vermont State Senate.



William Freeman

Weston, Vt.

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