LTE: Sarah Waldo on Rep. Bos-Lun

Dear Editor,


With the Aug. 9 primary election fast approaching I encourage the voters of Rockingham and Brookline to familiarize themselves with Rep. Michelle Bos-Lun, who is running as one of two candidates who will represent the newly formed Windham-3 district, covering Westminster, Dummerston, Rockingham, and Brookline.

Michelle served in the previous biennium representing Westminster and Putney as an effective legislator with diverse, real-life experiences in local community, U.S, and international organizations. She has worked widely as an educator and continues to focus on developing youth restorative justice programs in local schools. She has also brought her experience in restorative justice to the process of humanely and successfully returning people to their communities following incarceration.

Having served as a board member in Health Care and Rehabilitation Services and as a volunteer community educator regarding mental health and family, Michelle has shown her deep interest and expertise in addressing the challenges many of our neighbors face. She has proven herself to be a committed representative, to be responsive and interested in the needs and concerns of her constituents, and always ready to work hard to serve her district members.

I will be supporting Michelle in the Aug. 9 primary. I hope you will join me in casting your vote for her.



Sarah Waldo

Westminster West, Vt.

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