LTE: Lynn Bohi on Clarkson, McCormack, and White

Dear Editor,


To Windsor County Voters,


Please join me in voting for three excellent candidates for Windsor County Senate. If you are looking for experience, listening skills, energy, and thoughtfulness, you will choose Alison Clarkson, Dick McCormack, and Becca White.

Senator McCormack has been elected by Windsor County voters 15 times. He has served on several legislative committees and serves on extra committees; thus he knows many subjects and has connections to legislators, department heads, and State officials.

Senator Clarkson was in the House for 12 years and has been in the Senate for four years. She is currently in a leadership position, meaning she has the support of other legislators. Alison was chosen to be leader because people know she has the necessary skills and liveliness to make things happen.

Representative White has been in the House for two years after being a Hartford Selectboard member. In the legislature, she volunteered for some extra committees as well as extra legislative committee responsibilities. Becca will bring youth, energy, and a fresh perspective, while being experienced.

Whether you vote by mail or in person on Nov. 8, please vote for these three excellent people: Becca White, Alison Clarkson, and Dick McCormack.



Lynn Bohi

Hartford, Vt.


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