LTE: Leigh Dakin on Heather Chase for State Representative

Dear Editor,


Heather Chase will be a superb legislator; responsive to the concerns of our citizens and forceful in supporting issues of importance to our State as she represents all of us in the Windsor-Windham District of Athens, Chester, Grafton, and Windham. Actively involved as a Chester Selectboard member, chair of the Chester Board of Civil Authority, small business owner, member of the Vermont Economic Progress Council, and a registered nurse, she has an understanding of the needs of our community and region and the confidence to find agreement and compromise on contentious matters.

As a former State Representative for the towns of Andover, Chester, Baltimore, and a sliver of Springfield, I know the challenges of being one of 130 representatives in the State House. Heather Chase will rise to the challenge of this body, as she is a hard worker with confidence and a willingness to speak out. And, she shares our interests in health care and the protection of reproductive freedom, climate control, economic development in our rural region, housing, and education.

I have already voted for Heather and hope that you will vote for her too.



Leigh Dakin

Chester, Vt.

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