LTE: James Clemer on Heather Chase for representative

Dear Editor,


Heather Chase was one of the first people to say hello to me when we moved here. And she’s been a warm and consistent friend since.

When my wife and I first came to Chester, we wanted cleaner air and water, more access to the outdoors, and to get involved in a small town that had been friendly to us as visitors. Unfortunately we managed to drive our box truck one day before the Covid lock-downs started, so we had a really lonely first few months in town.

Heather and I happened to both be out for a walk on the Turnpike some time that Spring, and I remember her being so hospitable, and really turning my day around. She and I kept running across one another and conversing, and I really appreciated making a friend during a bleak season. So when she asked for my signature on her petition to be on the ballot this November, I signed and started volunteering for her campaign.

Heather has built a career helping mothers with her small business, she’s spent years working at the town level, and she cares deeply about the intertwined housing and economic crises facing our State. I know that she’ll bring a curious mind, a knowledge of local issues and government, and a firm conscience to the General Assembly.

We couldn’t ask for more from a legislator for our new district.



James Clemer

Chester, Vt.

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