LTE: CTES parents and teachers extend thanks to community

Dear Editor,


The first week of May we celebrated National Teacher Appreciation Week at Cavendish Town Elementary School. Each day of the week, through various events, we tried to show appreciation to the extraordinary staff. This only was able to happen because of the generosity of lots of parents, businesses, and community members.

The CTES Parent Teacher Group would like to thank the following people for their assistance: Fletcher Farm Arts and Craft School, The Golden Stage Inn, Murdock’s on the Green, Lisa Sanders, Sarah and Bill Rose, Alan and Wendy Regier, Black River Produce, Leann LeClair, Gladys Seville, Lisa Sanders, Jessica Maclean, Peter Cherubini, Mason House Pottery, Roy and Margaret Burton, Stephen Plunkard – Q4 Landscape Architecture, Miranda Wheeler, Courtney Hillhouse, Kevin and Denise R. Hughes, Joe Fromberger, Dennis Reilly, Victoria Blodgett, Courtney Millay, Mary Alberty, Eric Buckner, Katherine Fogg, Lindsay Turgeon, Maria French, Marina Holland, Kate Lamphere, Michelle Messina, Chelsea Hayward, Donna Hamilton, Ruthann and Roger Batchelder – Route 103 Auto, Annmarie Wilkins, Lisa Marks, and Jen McBride.



CTES Parent Teacher Group

Proctorsville, Vt.

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