LTE: Cris Ericson on running for U.S. Senator

Dear Editor,


Yikes! Time flies by! Write-in voting starts 45 days before an election, which means around Sept. 24, 2022.

I’m Cris Ericson, and I’m on the ballot as an independent candidate for U.S. Senator. There are six non-major party candidates for this office and the five independents are all different. The Green Mountain candidate may not be old enough to serve, but the folks in the Vermont Secretary of State office don’t care, after all, they let a 14 year old run for Governor a few years back, wrongfully diluting the vote count. I call it election fraud!

If elected, I want to sponsor a bill to stop modern slavery. We pay tax dollars to the I.R.S. then the U.S. Congress votes to give billions of our tax dollars in subsidies to big corporations who use our money to make profits for themselves. They sell new products worldwide for a fortune in profits. Where is our share? If our money were used to buy stocks in those corporations, we’d get big stock dividends, a return on investment of our tax dollars!

To get the best advantage for Vermont, depending on which side might be short one person to become the majority party in control of the U.S. Senate, I would offer to switch from independent and go over to their side if, and only if, they would vote to make me U.S. Senate Majority Leader.



Cris Ericson

Chester, Vt.


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