LTE: Cris Ericson on Proposal 2 and slavery

Dear Editor,


The online version of the Vermont State Constitution has not been updated yet to reflect the will of the people to end slavery with Proposal 2; and there is no mention in Proposal 2 of amending and deleting Section 64 of the Vermont Constitution, which is clearly a form of slavery:



To deter more effectually from the commission of crimes, by continued visible punishments of long duration, and to make sanguinary punishments less necessary, means ought to be provided for punishing by hard labor, those who shall be convicted of crimes not capital, whereby the criminal shall be employed for the benefit of the public, or for the reparation of injuries done to private persons: and all persons at proper times ought to be permitted to see them at their labor.


Proposal 2 amends the Constitution of the State of Vermont to clarify that slavery and indentured servitude in any form are prohibited. CHAPTER I. A DECLARATION OF THE RIGHTS OF THE INHABITANTS OF THE STATE OF VERMONT:

I want to thank the Vermonters who voted for me. It was a disappointing last place loss, but I will run again because no one else is raising the important issue of our tax dollars going to corporations as subsidies while we don’t get a share of the profits they make using our money. I call that modern day slavery.



Cris Ericson

Chester, Vt.

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