LTE: Coppice Thicket on “inspirational people”

Dear Editor,


Inspirational people are perhaps number one on my list of things I look for in friendship. I find that I can relate to their enthusiasm and more importantly, want to emulate it. One may wonder why are they enthusiastic in the first place. I dare say it’s because of the many opportunities inspirational people are aware of every single day.

Perhaps an example is in order. Driving to work can be a rather mundane process, but what an enthusiast might consider is, can this commute be more engaging? Can it have less of an environmental impact, brightened by including a coworker or two on the drive, a learning experience in listening to a podcast of new subject matter, or by finding a suitable shortcut through the city? I am sure a few more could be added.

What if we all gave each day a new beginning, a new perspective for the better? A smile can do that and is an infectious gesture in itself. A smile from a friend or just a friendly face inspires me. And what did that cost? A smile is a bargain with minimal investments but it has a fruitful payday. And that is something I find inspiring.

Inspiration takes on many forms and comes from many places. Why not be that place in the form of a sincere smile?



Coppice Thicket

Alstead, N.H.

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