LTE: Coppice Thicket on autumn and tradition

Dear Editor,


Now that autumn is here, the decorated porches and front yards remind us that Halloween is just around the bend of the community pumpkin patch. Decorating for the season is one tradition many citizens partake of and a spirited one at that. Pun intended.

Perhaps the readers’ have familial traditions, such as gathering for the football game on Thanksgiving day. How about the holiday party in December or a New Year’s Day dinner?

All are great events and all can be administered in a personal way. After all, traditions are typically passed along and hopefully continue for generations to come. They can be influenced by holidays, historical events, or simply of one’s own volition.

I have a tradition of writing a short story and sending it along with each Christmas card. Oh, and it rhymes too (it makes the writing process more challenging). I wouldn’t refer to it as poetry in the philosophical sense, but as an entertaining tidbit in acknowledgment of the approaching holiday.

What are your traditions leading into autumn and winter? I just bet there are some unique ones the public would be interested in learning of.



Coppice Thicket

Alstead, N.H.


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