LTE: Claude Weyant on running for Windsor County High Bailiff

Dear Editor,


I would like to introduce myself to the citizens of Windsor County who may not know me. My name is Claude Weyant. I am running for the High Bailiff position in Windsor County.

The High Bailiff is a unpaid position. The High Bailiff has two responsibilities: The High Bailiff has the authority to arrest the Sheriff, if that ever becomes necessary; and the second responsibility is to take over the Sheriff’s Department, in the event that the elected Sheriff can not continue to be the Sheriff, for whatever reason. In reality, that is the most important concern to keep in mind, when you cast your vote for High Bailiff. The High Bailiff keeps the Sheriff’s Department running, until the Governor chooses a new Sheriff.

I feel that I am the best person to become the High Bailiff for the following reasons: I have been a Full Time Law Enforcement Officer for 36 years, and I have been a member of the Windsor County Sheriff’s Department for the past 21 years. With my prior experience, I joined the department as a Sergeant. Through the years, I climbed up the ranks at the Sheriff’s Department. For the past 12 years, I have been second in command at the Sheriff’s Department, as Captain. There are many challenges and unique understandings to running the Sheriff’s Department. With limited tax base funding, the Sheriff’s Department has to operate under contracts with everything from Town Patrols, Traffic Details (such as construction projects), deputies working the two courts in our County, etc. I currently do all of the scheduling. I work with all the different people we work with on these contracts. And, I attend Selectboard meetings with Sheriff Chamberlain. Besides doing my assignments as Captain, I am responsible to serve all the civil process that comes into the Sheriff’s Office throughout the County. I work with many area attorneys and the courts doing the civil process. For several years, I taught the DARE program at elementary schools throughout Windsor County.

From 1996 to 2014, I was the high school wrestling coach at Bellows Falls High School. For the last several years, a co-op team was formed with both Bellows Falls and Hartford High Schools. During my last season in 2014, our Bellows Falls-Hartford team won fame throughout New England, as we were champions or placed high in area tournaments. That same year we placed second in Vermont and I had the honor to be nominated as the State of Vermont Coach of the Year.

I live in Windsor. My wife of 45 years, Carol, and I have six adult children, and eight grandchildren. I ask for and would very much appreciate your support and vote.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.



Claude Weyant

Windsor County, Vt.

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