LTE: Christine Pratt for Diana Garrow

Dear Editor,


This letter is to support Diana Garrow for our Selectboard.

Diana has served the town in many capacities over the years, which has given her the insight on how the Town runs best.

Having grown up here, she was raised with certain values and has learned the methods in the past that has made the town a good place to live.

She worked for her family’s successful business for years. During this time, she learned the importance of maintaining a budget and working towards limiting unnecessary expenses. During this work environment, she also knew the importance of good customer service and the need to treat people with respect. In the town, this means respect for fellow co-workers, Town Employees, and the taxpayers.

Her experience working as substitute Town Clerk and Assistant Treasurer gives her an understanding of how these positions run smoothly. She has the knowledge and experience working with the other offices in the Town and will continue to work with Town officials in the role of a Selectboard member.

It can be seen that Diana has worked for the town’s benefit for many years and would continue to work for the Town of Mount Holly as a Selectboard member.



Christine Pratt

Mount Holly, Vt.

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