LTE: Char Osterlund on sitting down with legislators

To the Editor,

Many thanks from the Springfield Democratic Town Committee to the folks who dropped in at The Black River Coffee Bar on Saturday, Nov. 19 to get acquainted with our town and county State legislators. It seemed like the informal format was conducive to good conversations. If not, the committee is always open to suggestions on how to make things better. We’d like to make these get-togethers a regular event and would welcome any suggestions you have to improve them.

Our thanks also go to our legislators who were totally invested in listening to concerns and answering our questions. They get it that they are here to serve us and do not take our votes for granted.

And I would be remiss if I did not thank the staff at Black River Coffee Bar for their courteous attention to our coffee needs. You rock it!

With gratitude on behalf of the Springfield Democratic Town Committee,

Char Osterlund

Chair, Springfield Democratic Town Committee

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