LTE: Candidate Bill Huff on running for office

Dear Editor,


Most Vermonters tell me they vote for the person, not a political party. I am asking each of you to put your ideological persuasion aside, don’t rush to judgment, and don’t assume you know where I stand because I am a Republican. “Get to Know Bill” and my ideas, then vote for the person that you feel brings the most to the table on behalf of all Vermonters, left, right, and middle.

State Pension Plan Participants, including State employees, teachers, and municipal employees, were all asked to work more, for less [benefit] this last legislative session as the unfunded pension liability worsened with recent market declines. It was last calculated at $5.5 billion. I am the only candidate to author a plan to keep Plan Participants’ benefits intact, lower the unfunded liability by a billion or two within a couple of years, and stabilize plan funding for taxpayers.

Vermonters are feeling less safe than ever before. Drug overdoses have soared and Burlington is beginning to look like the “wild wild west” with weekly reported shootings. Recent criminal justice reform has missed the mark of equality and left us all less safe and more vulnerable to crime. I have a plan to help keep our schools safe and guns out of the hands of the mentally ill while ensuring our rights as Vermont and U.S. citizens.

I also have written plans that include solutions for Lake Champlain’s poor water quality, alternative energy production and climate change, and more, all on my website, Let’s have a civil discussion about how we move forward with less divisiveness, fix our issues at hand, and create policy that benefits generational Vermonters and newcomers alike. Please consider casting your vote to allow me to serve you in the coming years.



Bill Huff, Candidate for Windsor County Senate

Thetford, Vt.

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