Rep. Tom Bock to seek a third term to the House of Representatives

Dear Editor,

I would like to announce my candidacy for reelection, seeking a third term to serve as state representative for the Windsor 3-1 District, representing Andover, Baltimore, Chester, and a portion of North Springfield.

My past years of service on the Chester Selectboard and Chester Planning Commission and as current chair of the Southern Windsor County Regional Planning Commission have given me a broad understanding of the needs and dynamics of our towns. As a former owner of a successful small business in Chester and manager for several years of the business operations of NewsBank, I have the benefit of extensive business experience. I feel strongly that these experiences have and will serve me well in tackling the many issues facing our community and state this coming 2021 legislative session.

COVID-19 has exposed vulnerabilities and inequities while posing a threat to small businesses and limiting the ability of Vermonters to support their families. To overcome the challenges Vermonters are going to face in the months and years ahead, the Vermont Legislature is going to need initiative, direction, and experience.

My recent appointment to the House Committee on Commerce and Economic Development, coupled with my work on the Rural Development Caucus, will provide me with the opportunity to focus on COVID-19 concerns. The Commerce Committee is responsible for the economic wellbeing of the state. Every program that provides assistance for small businesses or training for displaced workers goes through the Commerce Committee. I look forward to serving on my new committee and facing the challenges it will present.

It has been an honor to serve as your representative in Montpelier during the last four years, and I hope that you will entrust me with the responsibility again in the forthcoming legislative session. I ask for your vote in the upcoming Democratic Primary Aug. 11.

Remember that early voting is underway and you can vote now by requesting an Early Absentee Voter Ballot from your town.

Please feel free to contact me at 802-875-2222 or by email at or with your questions and concerns.


Rep. Tom Bock

Chester, Vt.

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