Our library plays many roles in town

Dear Editor,

I want to express appreciation for the Rockingham Free Public Library and the library staff. In this past year of the pandemic the library has been an anchor to my ongoing learning and sense of community. They had to rethink everything and come up with a multi-level plan that could open and close the library according to the level of Covid-19 in our area. They designed a safe “curbside” system for checking out and returning library materials. They reached out by phone early on to be sure everyone in the community had what they needed from the library resources.

I see the library as an essential public “utility.” I turn to the library staff for access to resources, information, virtual education programming. When I’m stuck on some detail of computer technology, a quick talk with a librarian can send me on my way – all from the convenience and safety of my home.

Access to broadband with Wi-Fi available outside the building and the resource of “hot spots” that can be checked out of the collection to make Wi-Fi available to folks without broadband access at home. The library has established a social media presence and regularly posts updates about Rockingham Help and Helpers and programs such as Vermont Everyone Eats. “Wowbrary,” the new electronic newsletter that features additions to the collection, is a valuable service I enjoy.

The Rockingham Free Public Library deserves our support of their full budget. Due to Covid-19, voting on the library budget will be held at the polls March 2. In addition, please vote to have the library budget be voted by Australian ballot in future years to ensure a steady funding stream for this key resource in our community.


Laurel Green

Bellows Falls, Vt.

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