Not-so-perfect apples

Dear Editor,

Soon it will be time for apple picking in Vermont. And if we want good apples, for the best value, we should do some research ahead of time. Whether standing in front of a tree in an orchard or at a bin in a supermarket, we all want to get the best. Hopefully, we will notice that no two apples will be the same, or perfect. We must choose which apple would be the best value and the healthiest for us.

Now let us compare this to the 2020 presidential race. Here it is also very important that we pick the best candidate/apple. Because many people don’t care for the Biden apple, they will choose the poisonous Trump apple again, even with its disgusting, slimy, slithering worms, and smelly, swarming fruit flies.

Or they may just not pick, or buy, any apples.

Remember what happened to the 2016 presidential election results because many people hated the Hillary apple. Also, think about all the sickness and damage that the poisonous Trump apple has done to our people and country since then.

We must not let this happen again! Too many rotten apples slipped into our government because of our un-thoughtful choices or inaction.

Remember that no two candidates or apples are perfect. We must pick the most qualified, honest, nutritious, and unbruised one.

Please note that I do apologize for writing such a simple analogy. And also, do not assume that the Ginger Gold is the Trump apple because the Ginger Gold is my personal favorite!

Vote, vote, vote!


Linda Brown

Springfield, Vt.

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