LTE: The power of collective thinking

Dear Editor,

We need a solution to wake everybody up. The power of collective thinking is beyond what most can imagine. It can heal illness, unite people and nations, and turn the bad and the ugly into good.

Collective thinking can be as effective as prayer and meditation and only needs to be implemented to see results. So I’m asking you to help me in an effort to get the good people on this planet to focus on making this planet a better place to live.

What I’m about to suggest is simple to do, only takes seconds to perform, and can be more powerful than what a single person could ever hope to accomplish by themselves. The key to making this collective effort work requires three things: 1. An appreciation of the fact that you are alive; 2. A verbal and real acknowledgment of your thankfulness and appreciation to be alive; and 3. Timing your verbal acknowledgment with all the other beings on this planet that are doing the same thing as you are doing in this effort of thankfulness.

All you need to do is to do this at least once a day and possibly twice a day when it is convenient, and that is to say, “Thank you.” It must be said with loving sincerity, best said aloud, and timed with others doing the same thing.

That’s it! How hard can that be? Of course you can elaborate and say more if you want, but the key is to time the first words “Thank You,” with the millions of others all saying the same thing at the same time. You can say “Thank You, God,” or “Thank You, Source,” or my personal favorite is “Thank You, Universe.”

It doesn’t matter what language you say it in and when said with others at the same time will actually bump the level of the planet’s consciousness up a notch every time this done.

Before long and as hundreds turn into thousands and hundreds of thousands turn into millions, all saying “Thank You” at the same time, the world will change. The planet will change for the better because you are doing a selfless act of love and not hate, which the bad cannot tolerate or combat. It is a declaration of war against all evil and is exactly what this planet needs to do – to survive.

Last point is to do this at one of the two following times: GMT or the International Date Line time. This is a worldwide prayer that doesn’t ask for something. God, Source, the Universe will hear this and respond accordingly and at the level of your sincerity. I will leave it to your imagination as to where this will take us.

In closing, there is more information I could offer about the power that the spoken words has, or the power of collective thinking and efforts, but in the interest of brevity I’ll leave that for another time. Please consider not only doing this for yourself and the planet, but encourage others to do the same. Depending on how fast this effort is applied by others will determine how quickly the world will change. I’m suspicious that the planet will be heading in a completely different direction or timeline by the end of the year.

Be well, respectfully, and “Thank You,”

Steve Kempe

Springfield, Vt.

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