LTE: Thank you Springfield School Board members

Dear Editor,

I would like to sing my praises for the Springfield School Board and the Springfield School District administrators.

Thursday evening there was a meeting to discuss the curriculum for the summer curriculum camp, and for the School Board to vote on a resolution to ban certain ideas from being taught in our school.

This meeting was attended by 200-plus people. School Board Chair Troy Palmer ensured that everyone who wanted to speak got a chance to speak. He administered the meeting even-handedly and fairly throughout the rather long evening. Kudos, Mr. Palmer.

Superintendent Zach McLaughlin and Michael Ruppell, the assistant principal at Springfield High School, gave a presentation on the summer camp curriculum. I was impressed not only by the curriculum, but on the background information that demonstrated the guiding principles for it. The presentation clearly demonstrated the Springfield School District is following the guidelines established by the Vermont Standards and Act 1 in its curriculum development, and that it is responsive to the needs of the district in terms of areas needing improvement.

But wait, I am saving the best for last. Before the board voted on the resolution, Mr. Palmer acknowledged there is still a lot of work to be done in our community and discussions to be had about the issues of race and equity in our town. He will be working with the superintendent to get a facilitator to start those conversations. That is the way to go. No voting. Just honest talk with community members.

Thank you, everyone. I am so proud of our school district and proud that we have chosen to move forward.


Char Osterlund

Springfield, Vt.

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