LTE Gregory responds to Barrett

Dear Editor,


North Springfield Postmaster Vickie Barrett’s letter to the editor (Feb. 22, p.5, Vermont Journal & Shopper) about the Postal Service’s future goals can only be a regurgitation direct from Postmaster General Louis DeJoy. It cites “four great pillars.” The first, “investing in our people,” really means “cutting the workforce to give you twice-a-week delivery (if you’re lucky).” The second, “modernizing our network,” means “destroying new machinery and shipping your mail to three or four other centers to increase the delivery delay time.” The third, “providing service excellence,” means “subjecting our workers at the counter to the vituperation, desperation, and panic of customers caught in horrible financial and legal binds because of DeJoy’s policies.” And “creating financial stability,” of course means “putting impossible loads on our remaining employees in order to satisfy the neoliberal aim of making people pay Amazon for even lousier service.”

People should write the distinguished veteran and public servant USPS Governor Lee Moak, 475 L’Enfant Plaza SW RM 10300, Washington, DC 20260-1000, to ask him to restore the quality of USPS service by changing his mind and voting to dismiss DeJoy.



Chuck Gregory

Springfield, Vt.

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