Leslie Goldman for Windham-3 representative

Dear Editor,

I strongly recommend voting for Leslie Goldman as Windham-3 state representative in the Aug. 11 primary and November elections. I have known personally of her deep commitment to our community for 25years, primarily as a healthcare provider but also in education and the environment. Her experience in health care as a nurse practitioner for 37 years covers many aspects of the field, from practicing primary care to experience in larger hospital systems.

I am particularly drawn to her promise to communicate with Windham-3 voters. She vows to inform us of legislative issues and progress in a timely fashion, something I have found lacking in our representatives over the years. It will offer us an opportunity to get involved with the legislative process in the golden dome of Montpelier that can seem so far away to us “down south.”

A list of her experience as a member of our community demonstrates her commitment to service: 12 years on the Bellows Falls Union High School Board and three years on the Rockingham Selectboard, plus membership on the Parks Place Board, the Nature Museum Board in Grafton, and lately, the Rockingham Help and Helpers, which she co-founded.

Experience and expertise. Leslie Goldman will serve us well.


Gordon Korstange

Saxtons River, Vt.

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