Keith Stern thanks voters

Dear Editor,

I want to thank those of you who voted for me. This was a difficult year to challenge incumbent with the Covid factor making it difficult to campaign properly. Also there are now far too many people voting for people who keep pushing for a higher cost of living. I don’t understand it, but that is now reality.

I am a little late with this because I’ve been watching with fascination the unfolding presidential election drama. With hundreds, maybe thousands, of people coming forward giving sworn statements saying they witnessed fraud it sure makes our country look bad in the eyes of the world. The worst part about it is the media so willing to summarily dismiss the claims. At one point the media used to be the watchdog that kept the government honest as much as that is possible.

Anyway life goes on. I will try and get a legislator or two to introduce my landlord and tenant protection bills, which would help lower the cost of residential rentals and protect tenants from having to live in substandard housing. That to me is a priority; now I’ll have to see if I can find legislators who agree. I will let you know.


Keith Stern

N. Springfield, Vt.

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