John Arrison’s candidacy

Dear Editor,

I read the letter from John Arrison introducing himself as a candidate for Cavendish and Weathersfield State Representative after the primary winner Dan Boyer dropped out. Arrison was chosen by the local Democratic Party to replace Boyer on the November ballot. The question arises as to why the runner up in the primary, Tyler Harwell, was not the replacement? Harwell polled well and was conscientious enough to send around a flyer outlining his progressive agenda. Arrison is simply an enigma since he has done little other than express gratitude and circulate his lawn posters around town.

I have no personal animus toward Arrison. He has served admirably in several local positions like the Selectboard. My interactions with him have been limited over the years, but my impression is that he is a “status quo” kind of guy at a time when we need forward thinking from our legislators.

We have a Republican governor who has vetoed several Democratic Party priorities like minimum wage, paid family leave, a waiting period for guns sales, and most recently the Global Warming Solutions Act. The House has not always been able to muster the votes to override and in the interim Gove. Scott has presided over the state’s build up in carbon emissions and a marked slowdown in renewable energy permitting.

At least I know that Harwell will be on the appropriate side of the ledger when acting on our community’s behalf. I have no idea where Arrison stands. I intend writing in Tyler Harwell in November. I’m a little tired of “trust me” politics from clubby party leaders, especially when there are clear and appropriate alternatives.


David Russell

Perkinsville, Vt.

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