Cinde Warmington, candidate for NH Executive Council District 2

Dear Editor,

I’m Cinde Warmington, a candidate for New Hampshire’s Executive Council District 2 and a lifelong health care advocate and Democratic activist.

I’m running for Executive Council because I know that one vote on the Executive Council is the difference between Planned Parenthood being funded and women across our state being denied essential health care services; one vote on the Executive Council is the difference between a Commissioner of Education who supports public education and one who seeks to undermine it every single day; one vote on the Executive Council is the difference between a Supreme Court that upholds our fundamental rights and one who seeks to undermine the right to choose, the right to vote, and the right to marry the one you love.

I’ve worked in healthcare for 40 years: 20 years in laboratory medicine and hospitals, and 20 as a healthcare attorney. Currently, we have no one on the Executive Council with a healthcare background, despite health and human services being the largest share of our state budget. Now in the midst of a public health crisis, this expertise is desperately needed. As a healthcare worker and now a healthcare attorney, I’ve seen the challenges many Granite Staters face in accessing quality, affordable healthcare, including mental health and substance use disorder treatment. On the Executive Council, I will work to expand access and lower costs for New Hampshire families.

I’m also an activist. I started knocking on doors two decades ago to elect Democratic candidates. From chairing my town committee, to now chairing the New Hampshire Democratic Party’s Platform Committee, I know our Democratic values, I know how to fight for them, and I know how to get the job done. I’m honored to have more than 65 Democratic and labor leaders supporting my campaign, including Senate President Donna Soucy, Speaker Steve Shurtleff, Rep. Lucy Weber, Rep. Paul Berch, and five New Hampshire labor unions.

I have a bold vision to put the power of the Executive Council to work for the people, and I’m prepared give this job my full-time attention to make that happen. I believe if every one of us steps up to do what we can to make a difference, we can elect leaders up and down the ballot who will stand up for us and for our values.


Cinde Warmington

Concord, N.H.

The New Hampshire towns of Acworth, Alstead, Charlestown, and Walpole are in Executive Council District 2.

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