Annmarie Christiansen endorses John Arrison

Dear Editor,

I am writing in support of John Arrison to be our next state representative to the Vermont Legislature, representing Weathersfield and Cavendish.

John Arrison has the community in mind, no matter what job he has taken on. I know he will help Cavendish and Weathersfield with the experience, the determination, and the dedication called for, and he will stick with it until the job is finished, no matter how difficult. This is exemplified by his 18 years as a member of the Weathersfield Selectboard, 30 years as a volunteer firefighter, and a member of the zoning board, the Historical Society board of directors, and the Community Access TV board of directors.

Like many in Weathersfield and Cavendish, John Arrison is the owner of a small business, Wattsup Electric, and has been for 34 years. During my years in the Legislature, I know how many small businesses are located in Weathersfield and Cavendish because I have heard from many of you as constituents. I have heard how difficult life has become during Covid and I know John Arrison will have you in mind when he goes to the Statehouse to help you navigate through these difficult and unprecedented times. Arrison will make sure no business or family gets left behind due to the current economic downturn.

Arrison knows how important healthcare is for all of us, especially the elderly. He also knows that even though we have a low uninsured rate in Vermont, healthcare is very expensive for many of us in the form of premiums and deductibles.

He will work to protect our schools and make them accessible to all by making broadband available within reach of everyone to make learning equitable.

To see what he says about the issues, I recommend that you watch an interview with him on SAPA TV. It is informative and of importance to us all.

Because John cares about your health during this contagious time of the Covid virus, John is not going door to door campaigning this election. If you have any questions, I urge you to call him at 802-263-9405.

Your vote matters so much in this election, up and down the ticket. I urge you to vote for John Arrison.


Rep. Annmarie Christensen

Perkinsville, Vt.

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