A letter of support for Walter Martone

Dear Editor,

If you live in Springfield, you have seen significant changes over the last six years. No longer is Springfield a town down on its luck, with a negative attitude, feeling sorry for itself. It’s not a coincidence that Walter Martone was first elected to the Springfield Selectboard six years ago. Since then, there have been noticeable improvements to the downtown and many of its neighborhoods. Even people passing through have remarked on the changes they see.

Historic downtown buildings renovated, removal of blighted structures in many neighborhoods, and ordinances created and enforced to regulate rooming houses are just a few of the obvious improvements that Walter has initiated or promoted. He has advocated for Springfield in Montpelier, working to bring attention to its issues and obtain funding for projects from the state and other partners so that local taxpayers are not further burdened.

There is much more to do. Walter is clearly the one to take the lead just as he has for the last six years. He has worked tirelessly to bring about changes targeting priorities and strategies to build on the best of them. He knows we must increase our appeal to new residents and businesses if we are going to move ahead. Walter has demonstrated he has the experience, ability, and vision to help move Springfield forward.

I plan to vote for Walter Martone for Selectboard and I urge you to do the same.


Bill Kuch

Springfield, Vt.

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