A letter of support for Heather Chase

Dear Editor,

The first time I met Heather Chase, I was a new state representative. She approached me – at the Post Office to be exact– to discuss an issue she felt was important to Chester. Over the course of my six years in the Legislature, I often heard from Heather on issues that touched on the wellbeing and greater good of our town. And through all the time she has been a member of the Chester Selectboard, she has handled her responsibilities with an abiding sense of responsibility to Chester’s fortunes.

I have known Heather now for 16 years. She is an excellent businesswoman and a person with a lot of comment sense. She applies the same logical thinking to the business of the town as she does to her own business. I served with Heather on the search committee for a new town manager over a year ago, and I observed how easily she multitasks, handling a variety of issues, because she knows how to prioritize issues, which result in successful outcomes. She works well with others; and since 2017 she has been elected vice chair of the Selectboard.

Six years ago, I encouraged Heather to run for Chester’s Selectboard convinced that she would be an asset to the board. She is not afraid to speak up and speak out when an issue is really important – even if it might be controversial. What matters to her: “Is it good for Chester?” She asks the right questions because she knows that finding solutions to problems requires careful study of all the issues at hand. Heather does her homework, demonstrating a commitment to do the hard work necessary to meet whatever challenges Chester faces.

Heather’s track record during her six years on the board speaks for itself: Taxes have remained stable; there’s a budget surplus of over $300K; she supported an upgrade and improvement of the water system; shows strong support for Whiting Library, Chester Townscape, Chester Academy Yosemite Fire House, a new Public Safety Building, and an upgrade of the Public Works Building – among many other important entities.

Heather is effective, responsive, and approachable. She has the best interests of all the people in Chester, not just a few. She will continue to work tirelessly on your behalf, as she has demonstrated by her commitment to you, the residents of Chester.

I hope you will join me in voting for Heather Chase for another three-year term on Chester’s Selectboard. We could not be better served.

Request your ballot from our Town Clerk’s office and vote now – or cast your vote in person March 2 at Town Hall. Either way, please be sure to vote.


Kathy Pellett

Former State Representative

Chester, Vt.

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