A letter for the Springfield School District budget

Dear Editor,

Other School Board members will be writing letters and throwing out a lot of numbers. I decided that this needed to come from my perspective as a board member and taxpayer, but mostly as a parent of a child that will be starting school next fall.

We worked hard going back and forth over numbers and making sure everything was lined up. Rick and Zach were instrumental in helping us do so. I also want to mention the great help we had from the committee members. I support this budget and can honestly say that we have done a great job this year in making this budget affordable for this year and the next with the reserve fund.

As a new member of the School Board, I have found that working on the budget from this side is a lot harder than being on the budget committee. Some of the decisions we have had to make were extremely hard. I am hoping that the taxpayers understand that not only did we have them in mind, but the students and teachers as well.

Thank you,

Patti Kemp

Springfield School Board Member

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