A letter for Doug Hoffer for state auditor

Dear Editor,

Doug Hoffer gets my vote for state auditor in the Democratic primary and, I hope, in the general election. He has consistently done a good job for all of us. His efforts to hold our state’s “accountable care organization,” OneCare, accountable are laudable and necessary. But that job is not yet finished.

Few Vermonters know what OneCare is, and how deeply it affects Vermont health care. Any organization that has OneCare’s impact on something as important as the health care of Vermonters needs to be held accountable to the voters, and that requires the kind of transparency that Mr. Hoffer is diligently pursuing.

I have far greater faith in Hoffer to follow through on that job than I do in his opponent. Mid-stream is not the time to change auditors.


Lodiza LePore

Bennington, Vt.

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