A letter for Brenda Siegel for lieutenant governor

Dear Editor,

I learned about Brenda Siegel and her activism last year. It was then that I discovered a genuine advocate with the right idea on how to handle the opioid epidemic.

Brenda’s sincerity stems in part from her personal struggle. Having lost a brother and a nephew to opioids must have been a massive challenge to overcome. Now, Brenda is running for higher office to bring her knowledge and character to Montpelier.

To combat an epidemic that has weaved its way through our brave little state, we will need a bold approach. Brenda offers just that; with rehabilitation tactics and justice reform, in lieu of cracking down on opioid users as criminals, we can heal Vermont. Rather than continue to pour expensive sand on an open wound, we ought to do something similar to what Portugal had to do to handle their own epidemic. As lieutenant governor, Brenda will be able to rally enough support for these techniques to be applied so that they can work.

Brenda supports a living wage, healthcare as a human right, increased broadband access, and other progressive issue stances. Additionally, Brenda is a tireless advocate who has lobbied for change in both our capitol and in Washington, D.C. It is my hope that with Brenda as our lieutenant governor, we will be able to push for our state to do better in the categories in which we need help the most. As a young and disabled taxpayer, I support Brenda Siegel in her run for lieutenant governor, and I hope you will too.

From the heart,

Asher Edelson

N. Bennington, Vt.

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