2020 General Election voting in Vermont

Dear Editor,

The 2020 General Election voting in Vermont is underway. The Vermont Secretary of State’s office mailed ballots to all registered voters, and they should be arriving at homes and mailboxes this week. If you do not receive a ballot in the mail, check to see if you are a registered voter. This is easily done online at www.mvp.vermont.gov or contact the office of your town or city clerk. If you are not registered, you may do so online at www.olvr.vermont.gov.

When you receive your ballot, please take the necessary time to review the election contests and vote for the candidates of your choice following the printed instructions on the ballot.

Town and city election officials have been working to provide safe voting environments at the polls and appropriate procedures for accurately processing and counting ballots. If you have not registered by Election Day, registration can take place at the polls. In addition, if there have been any recent address or name changes, you take care of them at the polls on Election Day.

As a voter, you can help the process and ensure that your vote is counted. Before returning your ballot, be certain to seal it in the voted ballot envelope you received in the mail. If you plan to return your ballot by mail, place it in a USPS mailbox or mail it at the Post Office. While rural home delivery boxes are convenient, they are not very secure.

An excellent way to return your ballot securely is to hand deliver it to your town or city clerk’s office or to the official voting drop box.

Regardless of how you choose to return your ballot, don’t delay. Remember, you count! Makes sure your vote is counted!


Elliott Greenblott, chairman

Brattleboro Board of Civil Authority

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