Okemo Valley Holiday Lights

holiday lights
Light up your store front or front yard with Okemo Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce. Stock photo

LUDLOW, Vt. – Happy Holidays! The Okemo Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce is encouraging participation in the first annual Okemo Valley Lights for the holidays. Businesses, municipalities, neighborhoods, and residents in the region are asked to make an extra effort to decorate this year to help celebrate the holiday season. Everyone could use more joy this time of year.

Businesses, municipalities, and residents are encouraged to decorate their storefronts, downtowns, villages, neighborhoods, and homes. Towns, Parks and Recreation departments, and other partners are asked to decorate their village green gazebos. One suggestion is that each location include a decorated tree, big or small, real or not, or a few trees. Get creative! The main idea is to decorate all of Okemo Valley with holiday lights, in all colors, visible from the street.

Participants are encouraged to share photos of their decorations with the chamber’s social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Please use #OkemoValleyHolidayLights. Winners will be selected in various categories: business, town, resident, etc.

The chamber is also working on a promotional map and listing of holiday lighting and decorations for all the 12 towns in their region in South Central Vermont. The Park & Recreation departments of each community are encouraged to join forces to collaborate to get all the downtowns and villages festively decorated. The chamber will promote the event map, together with links for holiday shopping, restaurants for takeout, and it will highlight all the fun holiday activities in the region.

Although this is a short timeframe, the chamber hopes the region will help to share the holiday spirit. The regional promotion of this event will begin in early December. We would really appreciate your getting your lights and decorations up as soon as possible!

For more information, go to www.yourplaceinvermont.com.

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