New ownership coming soon for historic Miss Bellows Falls Diner

The recently rennovated Miss Bellows Falls Diner. Photo provided by Joe Milliken

BELLOWS FALLS, Vt. – After recently upgrading the front entryway of the Miss Bellows Falls Diner, located on The Square in Bellows Falls, current owner Brian McAllister recently stated that he is also working on a purchase and sale agreement with a potential new owner.

The owner of Father’s Restaurant in Westminster for 34 years, McAllister has owned the Miss Bellows Falls Diner for eight years, however, the local historic eatery has been temporarily closed since the start of the pandemic.

After recently starting renovations during the diner’s downtime while also improving the property for prospective new buyers, McAllister had gone before the Rockingham Development Review Board in order to receive the proper permit to finish building a new entranceway on the south side of the diner.

The permit required the entranceway design, skirt board, and color be compatible with the existing features of the structure. “The permit process was as expected, and concluded well for everyone,” Brian McAllister said in a recent interview.

“We also have a prospective buyer for the diner, which is under contract until the end of the month. The potential new owner is very enthusiastic and has a lot of great ideas for the business, so hopefully the purchase agreement will happen. Additionally, I have two other prospective buyers waiting in the wings as well.”

As the spring weather approaches, McAllister is completing the new south side entrance, as he looks to soon button up the final sale of the popular, longstanding establishment. “As the weather permits, I am finishing the new entranceway renovation and I’m looking forward to seeing what the new owners will accomplish moving forward.”

With these renovations nearly complete and, most likely, the ownership changing hands soon, this writer is very much looking forward to soon ordering up two eggs over-easy, bacon, and a side order of hash browns!

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