New brewer Mount Holly Beer Co. taps into Vermont terroir

David Mango and Dan Tilly from Mount Holly Beer Co. launch their first commercial brew
David Mango and Dan Tilly from Mount Holly Beer Co. launch their first commercial brew. Photo by Sharon Huntley

MOUNT HOLLY, Vt. – Brewing partners Dan Tilly and David Mango are proudly joining the vibrant craft beer industry in Vermont with the launch of Mount Holly Beer Co. and the release of their first commercial brew, The Green Stand Hoppy Ale.

Born from successes and challenges learned from Dan’s home brewing efforts that span over eight years in the Tilly family’s winter haven in Mount Holly, the duo are ready to share their first light and hoppy IPA with the rest of Vermont and beyond.

The simple yet eye-catching can design features a tie-dyed antique truck on a white background and somewhat mirrors the beer itself – crisp and clean light IPA with playful citrus and hoppy notes. According to Tilly, the inspiration behind the light IPA was to have a great tasting option after an intense workout or an afternoon on the local ski mountain.

Tilly is working with Vermont hop growers to make sure their brews, which will tend toward IPAs and Pilsners, reflect the terroir of Vermont, capturing the flavors that come from the land, air, and water of the area. The second version of this batch will feature chinook and cascade hops from Champlain Valley Hops and, according to Tilly, is creating a passionfruit nuance.

The team has partnered with Whetstone Craft Beers in Brattleboro to brew and bottle their proprietary recipe until they build a brewery of their own, something that for now is in the distant future. According to Mango, a taproom would be their logical first step so people can sit down and taste the beer and talk with the brewers.

In the meantime, the pair is organizing partnership events with different places like Hops on the Hill in Killington, Rustic Rooster in Shrewsbury, and Main and Mountain and Mr. Darcy’s in Ludlow. They will continue to expand to other areas around the state including Stowe, the Vermont home base for Mango.

You can follow Mount Holly Brew Co. on Instagram @mounthollybeer or to see retailers and other news visit

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