Alyson’s Orchard has new owners

Alyson’s Orchard sign. Photo by Joe Milliken.

WALPOLE, N.H. – Located on Route 12 in Walpole, N.H., the longtime orchard, farm stand, and events venue was recently purchased by Adam and Taylor Naeck, who are also residents of Walpole.

The couple officially purchased the property in early January, from Alyson’s founder and owner, Susan Jasse. Susan, along with her late husband, Bob, had launched the successful business in the early 1980s. The orchard was named in memory of one of Bob’s seven children, who had passed away at infancy.

“Alyson’s has been a destination place, for my wife and I, as far back as we can remember,” Adam Naeck said in a recent interview. “With both of us growing up in Cheshire County, we moved to Walpole just a few years ago with our two kids, so, this had become a family place for us as well.”

Initially entering the market in early 2020, the Naeck’s purchased all 350 acres of the property after their real estate agent had mentioned to them that the orchard/events venue was available.

“Taylor and I are both business people and have been running and working for ourselves for many years,” Adam stated. “We knew that we always wanted to have a business that will always surround us with family, friends, and good times.

“Last year, while discussing options with our realtor, we were informed of Alyson’s being on the market, and because we felt even more of a connection with the place, we closed on the sale last month.”

Adam also indicated that most of the current staff is staying on board, while a few people from his previous diesel mechanic business also plan to work at the orchard for Adam and Taylor.

The Naeck’s are already working on upgrades including renovations of Alyson’s event center, bridal suite, and adding an exterior deck around the property. They also plan to expand the farm stand inventory as well.

“We have some major updates and new construction already underway,” Adam added. “We’re currently updating the bridal suite and creating larger, updated decks for more outdoor space. Additionally, we will be an addition on the farm store, adding a small petting zoo, and creating more events and activities such as a ‘painting night,’ craft fairs, new Christmas display lights, and more.

“We would like Alyson’s to be considered a friendly, family destination all year round, not only during apple season and the winter holidays.” For more information, please visit Alyson’s Orchard at


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