Walpole author publishes new book

Northern Light by Bill Ranauro
“Northern Light” by Bill Ranauro. Photo provided

WALPOLE, N.H. – Local author Bill Ranauro’s new book, “Northern Light: Essays and True Stories” is due to be released this August. Many of the stories in this collection are based on the author’s life and career as a high school teacher and football coach at Fall Mountain Regional High School in southwestern New Hampshire.

“Northern Light” gathers a diverse collection of essays, stories, and reviews for every reader. Based on the observations and experiences of the author’s 37-year career as a public-school teacher and coach in New Hampshire, readers will be both informed and entertained by these stories and personal essays. Readers will find inspiration from the story of a physically challenged student, humor from the escapades of a wildly ill-behaved family dog, and astonishment when discovering how freedom and equality are contributing to the deep political divide in America today. From the inspiring to the whimsical to the solemn and serious, this collection will make readers wonder, laugh, and think.

From the Introduction: “There it is; a smattering of art, politics, literature, history, sports, and more. It’s my hope that the diverse nature of this collection will insure there is something of interest for everyone. My goal is to both entertain and inform, and if you happen to laugh somewhere along the way, that’s a good thing too.”

“Northern Light” is published by First Choice Books of Victoria, British Columbia, and it is available locally at the Toadstool Bookstore in Keene, and both the paperback and Kindle edition is available on Amazon. For more information on Bill Ranauro’s work, go to his website at www.BillRanauro.com.

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