Twin Falls Training Center Offers Gymnastics For All Ages And Abilities

Photos provided by Twin Falls Training.

BELLOWS FALLS, Vt. – The recently launched Twin Falls Training Center (TFTC), co-owned by Cassandra Pedigo and Kari Gypson, is a newly established gymnastics facility located at 9B Spencer Drive in Bellows Falls.

Pedigo is the Head Coach and has ten years of training experience in gymnastics, while Gypson primarily handles operations, has worked in both the non-profit industry, and holds a B. A. Degree in Sustainable Community Development. Other staff members include Recreational and Competitive Coach, Katie Wilkinson, and Cheer Coach, Cathy Hartmann.

Opened five months ago, the training center strives to build healthy, strong athletes who understand both the mental and physical strength, provided by a safe, community-based environment. The TFTC staff focuses on a balance between skill progression, balance, and positive encouragement.

“In 2017, a previous gymnastics facility that served our community closed its doors, and the loss of a healthy, structured facility for our youth was immediately felt,” co-owner, Kari Gypson, said in a recent interview. “Following the additional impacts of Covid, we felt that it was time to bring gymnastics back to our community. We see gymnastics as a means to support the overall well-being of the youth in our community.”

Photo provided by Twin Falls Training.

Of course, gymnastics provides physical benefits such as strength, endurance, and coordination, however, it also provides mental training with the development of self-discipline and trust in oneself. TFTC trains young athletes to not only be the best gymnasts they can be, but also teaches them valuable life skills that will help them in other areas outside of the gym.

TFTC’s programs are designed to help children in developing better physical and social skills through the fundamentals of gymnastics. The TFTC staff and coaches are educated, trained, and certified through USA Gymnastics, specialized courses that will ensure they are offering both a structured and creative experience for the kids.

“We offer recreational and competitive gymnastics for all ages, toddlers through adults. Private lessons, group training, team, and conditioning classes for all abilities,” Kari added. “We also offer parent and tot classes, superhero, and tiny tumblers for toddlers and preschoolers. Several times each week we also hold an ‘open gym,’ including daytime hours toddlers and homeschoolers.”

TFTC also offers a “Birthday Party” program, complete with obstacle courses, laser tag, gymnastics and plenty of space for the cake and presents. To learn more, please visit or call 802-732-8063.

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