Sumner House

122 Main Street
Charlestown, NH

The Sumner House was built in 1823, originally owned by Judge Frederick Augustus Sumner. Today, it is a restored restaurant owned by Rod and Carol Clark of Charlestown. The vision of the restaurant is two-fold: to restore a pride in Charlestown, once a hub for the aristocratic and professional society, by informing those living here today of all the great people who came before us and accomplished great things; and to encourage community, not only within Charlestown, but also for the surrounding communities. They desire to create a place where all can come and feel a part of history today together.

The Sumner House also has put an emphasis on being environmentally friendly. The restaurant recycles whenever possible, uses take-out containers made from sugar cane, meaning they are biodegradable in your compost pile at home, as are the take-out cold cups. In addition to using environmentally green products, in the spirit of forging community, there is also a clear emphasis on partnering with local community businesses to bring you the home-made fresh products offered from the kitchen.

They are serving breakfast, lunch and dinner daily, with delicious dishes including Omelets and Pancakes for breakfast, appetizers including Bruschetta and Mozzarella Sticks, and many entrées including Chicken Marsala, Sea Scallops, Personal Pizzas, and more. A kids menu is available.

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