Old Time Vermonters

    I began dealing in antiques in 1970. In those early days I drove around Vermont knocking on doors looking for antiques. I would introduce myself and explain I was looking to buy antiques. In those days the old … Continued

1948 Majorettes

In the February 10th edition, we ran this image of the 1948 BF Majorettes. We asked our viewers, can you supply the names of these lovely ladies? Here’s a response we got from one of our readers:       … Continued

Adventure in a cemetery

Below are more images from Ron Patch’s adventures around Central Vermont.  

Enjoying fall foliage

  I think most of us have noticed the leaves are beginning to change color. The soft maples are the earliest to change from green to red. Fall has always been my favorite time of year. Thousands of people visit … Continued

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