Unified Cosmos season ends at the quarterfinal

Machado finds the open lane. Photo by Kiki Boyens

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – On Monday, April 29, the Cosmos came in with the win in the first playoff game with a 46-35 victory over the Brattleboro Colonels. With players absent and injured, the Cosmos stepped it up to defeat Brattleboro.

The unified team played well with each other with seven of the eight athletes sinking baskets. Paul Dana and Haley Gibbons managed the court well with dishing out assists to their teammates. Sophomore Luke Machado was on fire as the team’s leading scorer with 16 points for the evening. Following Machado was junior and three-year veteran Alex Sanborn with 10 points. Falling in behind was Gavin Glidden with six points.

Tahneesha Day scored her first basket for the Cosmos. Tiffany Gordon and Rachel Campbell each brought in four points. Freshman Patrick Toner scored for the first time. With the help from his fellow players, Toner earned four points against the Colonels. Senior, Catherine Parsons had several successful passes to teammate Haley Gibbons.

The Cosmos proceeded to the quarterfinals Thursday, May 2 at the Dressel Gym, but their season ended there against Hartford 19-27.

Members of the Springfield Unified Cosmos Team. Courtesy by Jen Toner

In the first quarter, both teams had difficulty scoring points with an end score of Hartford 4 and Springfield 2. With 40 seconds left in the quarter, it was Hannah Anderson who put her team on the scoreboard with two points. Glidden, Machado, and Sanborn had extreme difficulty shooting and driving to the basket with Hartford defending the paint, always one step ahead of the Cosmos and stealing passes. Hartford’s Hunnewell and Lemay were much faster and worked their way back down the court. Machado and Sanborn played man-to-man on the two Hartford stars. Machado did make it difficult as times for them to score, but they were quicker. Cosmos Anderson stepped up her game with drives to the basket but was unsuccessful.

In the contest, Sanborn lead his teammates with seven points and five rebounds, Glidden with six points and 20 rebounds, Machado with two points and nine rebounds. Campbell and Anderson each score two points for the team.

Coach Margaret Gultekin stated, “It has been a great season, and we are all sad for it to end. For the athletes, be proud of your 8-3 record. You made it this far and all worked so hard this season. Keep loving the sport and practice your shooting skills in the off-season. See everyone next year.”

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