Unified basketball team celebrates senior night and the playoffs

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – The Springfield Cosmos unified basketball team had much to celebrate recently. In their last regular season home game, the team honored their senior members. Now, with five wins to round out their season, they are headed to the playoffs.

Senior night

senior night
In their last home game, the Cosmos recognized their seniors, Lance Robinson, Cameron Colon, and Natalie Corliss. Photo provided.

Senior night turned into a success for the Cosmos Unified Basketball team as they brought the season’s record to a 5 to 2 end. The Cosmos brought in their fifth win with a 38-30 victory over the Rutland Raiders. Also that evening, tradition continued for the Springfield Cosmos as each senior was recognized at the last home game for them. Natalie Corliss, Cameron Colon, and Lance Robinson are three-year unified basketball veterans. Since the sport’s inception here in Springfield, Vt. in the 2015-16 school year Cam, Lance, and Natalie have shined as players and mentors for their teammates. Coach Gultekin and Coach Pestana awarded flowers and posters to each of them. Fellow students created each poster and decorated it with their name, player number, qualities, and senior photo.

In their last home game, the players responded and worked as a team with strong rebounds, passing, looking for the open man, and numerous assists. Paul Dana led the evening with four assists along with veteran players Cameron Colon, Alex Damato, Falisha Maly, and Natalie Corliss to manage the team in setting up plays so all could score.

A huge thank you to Mackenzie Godin for leading the night with the National Anthem and having the team sing along.

The playoffs

senior night
The Cosmos won their first playoff game in overtime against Leland & Gray. Photo provided.

It was a tough battle in the 32 minutes of game play at the Cosmos Dressler gym with a 21- 20 win in overtime against Leland & Gray. It was a team effort from the players on the court. Veteran Lance Robinson contributed four points and nine rebounds. Cameron Colone came out on top with four points in the first quarter and four points in the third quarter, which gave him a total of eight points with seven rebounds. Luke Machado scored two points in the second quarter. Falisha Maly’s power under the basket landed her six rebounds. Paul Dana contributed four assists to help the Cosmos to victory.

At the buzzer, the score was 16 -16 giving the Cosmos more time for their win. Within the four-minute overtime Leland & Gray scores the first two points. In return Glidden managed to score from inside the paint, which then brought the score to 18-18. Leland scored another basket to tie the game 20-20. With Evan Halls focus, he was able to shoot a three-pointer, which then resulted in a Cosmo victory. Glidden scored two points and grabbed seven rebounds along with Evan Hall’s five points and six rebounds.

The team has worked hard all season, and we’re ready for the next game. A huge thank you to all our fans.

On Thursday, May 3, the Cosmos travel to Brattleboro for their second playoff game.

 Submitted by Margaret Gultekin, Springfield High School.

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